10 August 2005

Portrait of a Georgian Girl

Elene, the daughter of my friend Omari from Akhieli, 2003
Photo: Stefan Hostettler, Düsseldorf.

A bit Off-topic:
Chris Ritke from 49media.com had an interview with me a couple of days ago on Caucasus, Georgia and Art. You can hear it as a podcast or via a direct link to a mp3-file
of 7mb. The Interview is around 30 minutes. It is a big pleasure to meet with Chris and his 49media.com Channel. But I warn you of my German-English ;-(


Anonymous said...

hello Stefan, wow what a surprise to see Elene. I was working for an international Organisation in Akhieli several months and of course I know Elene, Omari and his family. you brought me with this photo back to wonderful memories. thank you

TappedNZ Photography said...

hey stefan. just googled your name. my Oma Sonya Kruijer from wellignton New Zealand told me about you and that your in relation to me. haven't got any other contact but just know your a photographer too.

great to hear back.
cheers stefan haworth