27 January 2008

CD's of the Legendary Punk-Rock Band Recepti

Recepti, 1987-92 with Lado Burduli in front


CDs, Posters and T-shirts

From the Legendary Punk-Rock Band


Are Published

are made by the top quality American technology,
mastering is done in Canada.

CD's have a special cover (non-plastic) printed specially for Georgian customers.
There are band photos and information on the cover.
The cover is made in two colours;
On one side of the cover ~
there is a CD with 10 songs
and on the other side ~
brochure with information on the band, song texts and 2002 interview of Lado Burduli with a Canadian journalist.

First time in Georgia ~
black T-shirts are produced with the Georgian rock band photo;
The coloured photo is on the front, size - A 4

First time in Georgia ~
Georgian rock band poster is printer,
size of the photo - 130/90

Hurry!!! the products are not for mass production

Visit the Music Center shops:

Rustaveli 19 ~ tel.:999927
Rustaveli 46 ~ tel.:999964
Pekini 41 ~ tel.:379971
Cinema Amirani ~ tel.:931037

For additional info: Lado Burduli

08 January 2008

Suchmaschine: Flüge nach Tiflis

Google bietet seit einiger Zeit Tools an um eigene Suchmaschinen zu bestimmten Suchanfragen zu schaffen:

Dies ist der Versuch eine eigene Engine für Flüge nach Tiflis zu bauen, wird von Zeit zu Zeit ergänzt und verbessert.

Meine erste Suchmaschine war die:

The Caucasus Adventure and Arts Search Engine ;-)

05 January 2008