28 February 2006

Pictures Early Spring in Tbilisi 2006

Restaurant "Old House-Zveli Ssakhli"

View from Narikala Fortress

View from Narikala Fortress

View to Metekhi Church and to the sculpture of King Vakhtang Gorgassali

Cafe-Restaurant Sanssouci

Cafe-Restaurant Sanssouci

Exchange rates

Kostava St.

Rustaveli Pr.


Outside Tbilisi at Monastery Shiomgvime

Tbilisi Super Nightlife Clubbing with Lado Burduli

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Every Saturday in March 2006 at Beatles Club, 25 Kostava Street usually 8 pm to midnight or later
Alternative and Post-Punk Shooba Dooba Jazz (Tbilisi) and Telescope (Tbilisi)
Post-Punk and Britpop Radio of Vietnam (Tbilisi) & String (Tbilisi)
Rock (Female singer) and Folk Punk (Female singer) Georgian Version (Kutaisi) & Vialka (France)
Alternative Rock and Hard Rock Stress (Tbilisi) & Labirinth (Samtredia)

Tickets: 10/20 Lari more info from Lado: caucasusart [] yahoo.com

Lado's websites

tel: +995 32 98 27 79
mob: +995 77 79 30 76

22 February 2006

Abenteuertouren in Georgien 2006

Trekking, Wandern, Reiten, Bergsteigen, Viehtrieb, Bergwelt, Natur, postmoderne Lebensgefühle in Tbilissi und Zeitreisen in die Kulturen der einsamsten Bergregionen des georgischen Kaukasus:

Abenteuer Chewsuretien
Abenteuer-Treckingreise durch die kaukasische Bergwelt von Chewsuretien in Georgien Mehr

Abenteuer Tuschetien
Eine Abenteuertour in das abgelegene wildromantische Tuschetien Mehr

Über den Wolken des Kaukasus
Hochgebirgstrekking von Tuschetien über den Adsuntapass nach Chewsuretien, von Omalo/Shenako nach Schatili in Georgien Mehr

Viehtrieb Tuschetien 2006
Ein Abenteuer mit den Herden der tuschetischen Hirten auf dem Treck von Tuschetien nach Kachetien Mehr

Abenteuertrekking durch den Nationalpark Lagodechi
Trekking zu Fuß und zu Pferd durch die Berge und Wälder des Nationalparks Lagodechi Mehr

19 February 2006

Flüge nach Georgien

hier eine nicht vollständige Auswahl von Flugverbindungen nach Georgien:

Georgian Airways
von Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam, Prag, Moskau, Tel Aviv, Dubai, Kiew, Athen, Wien
Eastern Travel
Berliner Straße 275
65205 Wiesbaden
Tel.: 06 11 974 26 80
974 26 86
Fax: 06 11 974 26 84
Email: eastern-travel@t-online.de

Tel: 01805 737100
ab Köln/Bonn

ab München
Tel: +49 (0)180-5 8384267

Wilhelm-Leuschnerstr. 41
60329 Frankfurt
Tel.: 069-27300630
Fax: 069-27300640

15 February 2006

New Internet Source on Biodiversity of Georgia, Caucasus

Photo: David Tarkhnishvili

Mr. David Tarkhnishvili and his team are working on an important database of Georgian Biodiversity compiling
lists of species of animals and plants following the hierarchical order reflecting recent taxonomy/phylogenetic system. Currently there are around 870 images in the database. The site also provides information and images of the main natural habitats in Georgia like Arid and semi-arid Mediterranean-like landscapes, Subalpine, alpine landscapes and mountain steppe and others.

The project is situated at the temporary location http://altar.freehostia.com/BDB.php
and is searching for support on finding a hosting with enough webspace to provide all relevant information and images.

Photographic images of individual species of Georgian Fauna and Flora which are not yet included in the Database are kindly welcome.

David Tarkhnishvili

13 February 2006

News from Georgian Artists

The young Georgian Artist Andro Wekua, who lives now mainly in Zürich, Switzerland has a show at Gladstone Gallery Chelsea New York. See his works at the Gallery's Website here.
David Arobelidze and Otar Arisheli show some newer and older paintings on their blogs: http://davidarobelidze.blogspot.com/ and http://arisheli.blogspot.com/

David Arobelidze: "Who is more" 1999

Otar Arisheli: "Sumer" 1998

The paintings and drawings of Murtazi Shvelidze can be found at http://artpension.blogspot.com/

Murtazi Shvelidze, 2003

The master of the so-called "Anti-soviet pop art" Otari Chkhartishvili shows works at Kaukasus-Kaleidoscope here

Otar Chkhartishvili, 1957

A set of Pop Art by Hans Heiner Buhr from Tbilisi at Flickr here.

Tusheti, 2005

New Butterflies Book in Georgia

We have a pleasure to inform you that a new Catalogue on Endemic, Relic and other Rare Species of Butterflies of Georgia was recently published.
The book was prepared and issued by The Georgian National Museum. The Author is Mrs. Eteri Didmanidze, Doctor of Biological Sciences and the Editor is Mr. Arnold Gegechkori Professor, State Prize Laureate, Doctor of Biological Sciences.
The present book is a first attempt to publish the colored book-album of Butterflies, preserved in the National Museum. In this book you will find a number of original drawings of the exhibits presented in museum collections. Retail price of this colorful album is 15 GEL.

Persons interested in purchasing this book please contact:
Eteri Didmanidze
Cell: +995 77 50 94 88
Valeri Petrov
Cell: +995 99 49 07 46

via www.cenn.org

12 February 2006

Clouds of the Caucasus

Georgia 2006 end of July till end of September:
Trekking from Tusheti to Khevsureti, from the villages Omalo/Shenako across the Adsunta-Pass to the Khevsurian fortress Shatili.
A great route through the exiting regions of the Greater Caucasus Range in Tusheti and Khevsureti
Number of participants 1-6

See the program and more photos at Kaukasus-Reisen

07 February 2006

London Lecture: Revolution through Rose-coloured Glasses

The SOAS Central Asia and Caucasus Society and
The Centre of Contemporary Central Asia & the Caucasus present:

Revolution through Rose-coloured Glasses: Law and Institutions in Georgia

Georgia is at the same time exemplary of the difficulties plaguing
post-Soviet reconstruction and a case unto itself -- a story of
extremes, from civil war to the first "NGO government" in post-Soviet
space. Chris Waters and Scott Newton, two legal specialists of the
region, discuss what's changed and what hasn't since the Rose Revolution.

Thursday, 16th February 2006
Room: G52 / Main SOAS Building
Everyone welcome

School of Oriental and African Studies
Thornhaugh Street
Russell Square
London WC1H 0XG

About the speakers:

Christopher Waters is Senior Lecturer in Law and Deputy-Director of the
Centre for Euro-Asian Studies at the University of Reading. He has
extensive experience working on higher education and law reform in
Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. He has written two books on the law
and politics of the region, Counsel in the Caucasus: Professionalization
and law in Georgia and The State of Law in the South Caucasus.

Scott Newton is Lecturer in the Laws of Central Asia, Chair of the
Centre for Contemporary Central Asia and the Caucasus, and Deputy Chair
of the Center for Law and Conflict at SOAS. He served two years as
legal reform adviser to the Minister of Justice of Kazakhstan. He has
written extensively on post-Soviet law, human rights, transition and
lgeal-institutional reform, Soviet legal history, and conflict and self
determination. He spent most of the last academic year in Tbilisi,
Georgia lecturing and researching.

Über den Wolken des Kaukasus

Am Abano-Pass: Das Tor nach Tuschetien

Hochgebirgstrekking von Tuschetien über den Adsunta-Pass nach Chewsuretien, von Omalo/Shenako nach Schatili in Georgien.
Eine anspruchsvolle Wandertour durch die ursprünglichen Regionen des Großen Kaukasus Tuschetien und Chewsuretien.

Ab 20.Juli bis 20.September 2006 nach Vereinbarung
Teilnehmerzahl 1- 6

Das komplette Reiseprogramm bei Kaukasus-Reisen

Chewsure und sein Pferd Foto: F.Abresch