29 March 2012

Do you remember these hot tasty things ?

??? ;)

Art Journey to Georgia Caucasus

Painting by Kosto Sulaberidze

Join the Art Adventure Caucasus !

Art Journey to the Georgian capital Tbilisi, with a focus on Contemporary Art, the historic provinces of Kartli and Kakheti and famous Georgian hospitality. 

22 December 2012 - 03 January 2013

See the great Georgian artists art of the 20 Century and meet the emerging new artists of today. 

Visit Art Galleries and discuss with the known Georgian artists in their studios. 

Your guide is the artist Hans Heiner Buhr from Berlin, who lives in Georgia.  


New Year's Eve party at the OAT Gallery Studio visits, art galleries, museums and meeting with artists and gallery owners from the Georgian scene 

Visit local Georgian Wineries with wine tastings 

Hikes in the nature according to the program


Art Journey to Georgia in the Caucasus 
22 December 2012 - 03 January 2013 
13 days Art, Museums, Galleries, Studios, Artists, Party, Fun

Hans Heiner Buhr
Phone: +995599570554
Fax: +4932121352926 

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