30 March 2007

The famous Kababi-Kebap-Bar in Kabali

Image: Pepela

You really can get some of the best kababi with a cold beer here in the Azerbaijani village Kabali in the Georgian Lagodekhi Region. Other very good Kababi I had 500 km to the West in Kutaissi.

27 March 2007

Chirol travels the Caucasus

Chirol from Coming Anarchy travels the Caucasus and has a really fine day in Tbilisi, thanks for the fresh impressions ! http://www.cominganarchy.com/archives/2007/03/25/a-fine-day-in-tbilisi/

Der Spiegel über Georgien

vielen Dank an Roland aus Mexiko für den Tipp. In der Rubrik Reise/Fernweh fasst der Spiegel (gms) einige Eindrücke von Georgiens Küche, der Gastfreundschaft und von seinen landschaftlichen Reizen in beindruckender Kürze zusammen. Link
Trotz der etwas nervenden Superlativsicht aus der Warte begeisterter Reisender und der dadurch entstehenden Einseitigkeiten ist es doch gut, dass mit dieser Kurzreportage das junge empfindliche Pflänzlein einer ausgewogeneren Berichterstattung der "ehemaligen" Krisenregion Kaukasus ein wenig gewässert wird.

21 March 2007

20 March 2007

New Blogs from Tbilisi

There are New Blogs from Tbilisi:

The fabulous


by Karen Shimizu

Khinkali Juice
(hmm, I get hungry...) by the artists Nadia Tsulukidze & Sophia Tabatadze http://khinkalijuice.blogspot.com/

http://geonuca.blogspot.com/ by Nuca

and the German Bloggers joined in:

Giomas with http://deutschgeorgischespuren.blogspot.com/

Herr Matthias with http://herrmatthias.blogspot.com/

http://deutsch-in-sololaki.blogspot.com/ by a Bloggerteam of 3

and the BlogTamada is raising his hoar voice here

Have fun, and comment ! Did I forgot a new blog ? Send me a link.

19 March 2007

What's new ?

How nice are Georgian letters...

John H. Wurdeman and his Georgian artist collegues David Beraia and Shergil Pirtskhelani opened the Old Town Studios in Sighnaghi, a logical next step in the creation of a vivid art scene in Kakheti/Kisiki. Read the article at Georgia Today here

Lado Burduli and Michael Wiederhold working on centralizing and promoting independent Rock Bands from the whole Caucasus Region on
The Rock from the Caucasus got also its own website on http://www.caucasusrocks.net/
and gives some songs to hear of the bands here http://www.caucasusrocks.net/bands/

Sergi Gvarjaladze manages the first Music Magazin for Georgia, Ozoni

If you did not see enough snow this year, take look at the Flickr-tag Gudauri

We opened a Google Group to all questions related to recreation, culture, travel and leisure in Georgia. Have any question ? Please join our group here
and post your question.

Best regards from Tbilisi,

11 March 2007

Pitbull 's - nightmare

pitbull 's - nightmare, originally uploaded by grijsz.

son of Bagira, faster than a cat and crushing every known pitbull in less than a minute
Georgia, Tbilisi, Gamarjveba

Nice new Tbilisi International Airport

despite the common teething problems of projects of this scale (he, he, remember the incident at the brand new Berlin Hauptbahnhof on January 18th) overall a 100% improved service experience. The new guests from all over the world may come.

But what about the two old airports ? Maybe some huge Disco's ?

10 March 2007

New Google Group: Let's go to Georgia Sakartvelo

Everybody is invited to join:

Gusto, warmth and almost paralysing hospitality

tuschetien3, originally uploaded by grijsz.

"On a visit to Tusheti last week, I was amazed by the fortitude of those who live there, enduring hardship and privation with such good humour. The Tush exemplify the national characteristics that make Georgia such a beguiling nation: gusto, warmth and almost paralysing hospitality."

Tom Parfitt from the Guardian on Tusheti (2005), read further here

Photos from Tusheti here

and a nice Cattle drive to join in Autumn here

09 March 2007

Near Jvarboseli, Tusheti

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Man with ovcharka, female, Sno Valley

08 March 2007

Tbilisi at night

tbilisi-night1, originally uploaded by grijsz.

06 March 2007


map-tusheti-07new80, originally uploaded by grijsz.

Selfmade ;-)

and here is the former Version

See the comments

and, I made it for the Cattle Drive Journey to Tusheti, more here

04 March 2007

Fallada for Aslan

tbs-rijsha-falla, originally uploaded by grijsz.

for Aslan, the master of Lithography, who died in old age these days, I posted about him here, here and here

02 March 2007

Take care in Tbilisi

crashed-cars1, originally uploaded by grijsz.

walking, driving, whatever

01 March 2007


view-old-tbilisi-thief0, originally uploaded by grijsz.