20 March 2007

New Blogs from Tbilisi

There are New Blogs from Tbilisi:

The fabulous


by Karen Shimizu

Khinkali Juice
(hmm, I get hungry...) by the artists Nadia Tsulukidze & Sophia Tabatadze http://khinkalijuice.blogspot.com/

http://geonuca.blogspot.com/ by Nuca

and the German Bloggers joined in:

Giomas with http://deutschgeorgischespuren.blogspot.com/

Herr Matthias with http://herrmatthias.blogspot.com/

http://deutsch-in-sololaki.blogspot.com/ by a Bloggerteam of 3

and the BlogTamada is raising his hoar voice here

Have fun, and comment ! Did I forgot a new blog ? Send me a link.

1 comment:

Karen said...

thanks for the link, Hans - and nice blog, yourself!