26 December 2011

Great Tours we offer you in Georgia 2012

2012 will be a great year for tourism in Georgia because many obstacles of infrastructure are history. Imagine, now we have Georgia on Google maps, good roads, many renovated tourists spots as well as lots of hidden gems in the country where no one yet goes. Georgia is extremely open to every foreigner visiting the country, no matter where he's from. Georgian hospitality counts for every guest not regarding color, religion, origin, whatever. Most countries do not need a Visa to enter Georgia and it is even very easy to set up your own business here.

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Georgians are proud to live in one of the brightest countries of the world regarding history and culture, tradition and innovation as well as natural diversity, delicious food and wine. Georgia is not the cheapest destination anymore but by far not expensive yet. Welcome to Georgia !

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Here I would like to offer you some highlights of my tours in 2012. We are mainly oriented on German customers but open to you as well, if you want to join in ;)

- Our Botanical journey in June http://goo.gl/XtBJP

- Journeys guided by Photographers in April and September http://goo.gl/oJWd3

- A great Roundtrip including Svaneti called "Breakfast in the Caucasus" every month http://goo.gl/mS8ms

- Mountain trips to the remote regions Khevsureti http://goo.gl/Of5YS and Tusheti http://goo.gl/BJLnm

- Our famous Cattle drive Tusheti in October http://goo.gl/zet9d

- Wine Tours http://goo.gl/977ZR

- Jeeptours for Individuals or groups http://goo.gl/abrrb

Anything you would like to do, but can not find ? Any suggestions ?
Please Email me to kaukasus+Hans@gmail.com or write in the comments

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How to get in contact with me:

By phone: 00995 599 570554
By Email: kaukasus@gmail.com
At our Website: http://www.kaukasus-reisen.de
At Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kaukasusreisen
At Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/kaukasusreisen
At Google Plus: http://goo.gl/6wJ2f

I wish you a great 2012 ! Give me a call if you are in Tbilisi. Best regards, Hans Heiner

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