29 October 2006


What an artist, and what a biography

Photo: Igor Avramenko

The painter Igor Avramenko from Baku:

"I left for the Apsheron Peninsula, found an empty house in the oil field and
moved my paintings, books, paints and my cat there. It was a small oasis in
the sand desert stuck with oil derricks and bulk oil tanks. It was a
mysterious view, especially at night. I heard enigmatic sounds all the time.
My friends helped me to redecorate the house, but the roof still leaked.
When it rained my cat and me sat on the bed and listened to the rain
concert. I painted much and was happy. There grew fruit trees near my
house - apricots, persimmons, mulberry trees, grapes. In the morning I rode
a bicycle to the sea for fishing. My life resembled the one of the character
of a well-known book "Walden or Life in the Woods" by Henry David Thoreau."

Website: http://www.agavaart.com/eng/about.php?nid=5

Paintings: http://www.agavaart.com/eng/index.php?ggid=1001

My Trekking Boots

my-trekking-boots, originally uploaded by grijsz.

My worn out trekking boots painted by Otari Lalishvili from Rustavi on my request


caucasus-search, originally uploaded by grijsz.


The Georgian style of Swimming

with bounded hands and legs on four points. Performed on Friday, 30 August 2002 by the Georgian historian and political scientist Henry Kuprashvili swimming across the Dardanelles, Turkey, he made a Guinness record. Here is the link to Mr. Kuprashvilis Website

25 October 2006


lunch, originally uploaded by vshioshvili.

Impressive photos by vshioshvili from the falconry-contest last weekend at the Hippodrome in Tbilisi.

Build your own Google engine


22 October 2006

Resumee on the Pirosmani feast with Georgian and German Artists at Mirzaani

It was a nice event , here is basicly what I liked and what not


German artists are coming to Georgia and watching the sites, the culture and meet Georgians.

The locals are celebrating the place, the earth, the culture of the ancients and also Pirosmani as a historical figure. A few went inside the museum to see his works I realized.

Georgian artists meet German colleagues.

The weather and the wine and the meat was good.


German Art did not try to raise any common or to Pirosmani related topics, it just looked like a bad collection of a overrun flee market. It was a quite bad show, with 2 or 3 exeptions.

The event of the discussion between the artists of the two countries was poorly prepared. There was no discussion exept the statements "oh, I love Georgia, or ooh how nice it is, to work in Germany...etc"

Nothing of an attempt to initiate a discussion between the artists of the two countries.

Please, if you have been there and/or have another opinion, please share via the comments

Caucasian cat

caucasian-cat, originally uploaded by grijsz.

Her name is Sira

Impressions from the feast of Georgian and German artists in Mirzaani

Ekke Maaß and Mamuka Tskhetsladze

German artists around Pirosmani's table

Some of the Georgian artists

Die Blonde by Strawalde

Jury drom 1972 by Peter Herrmann

Unexpected a wedding party arrived


made its way straight to Pirosmani's table, where Temmo Javakhishvili greets the couple

When a few people get drunk...

vshioshvili shows some wondeful images from the Tbilisoba parties

21 October 2006

I made a new Litho

litho-detail-gross-22, originally uploaded by grijsz.

and called it Winter-Family, as I started to draw on that stone in February and printed in October ;-o See the full print here

Google's Blackboxes in the Caucasus

I would like to have Google propping here hundreds of these neat boxes, I even offer my yard for it if needed. I got lately such a strange "ADSL" ;-)-Modem wich needs 220 Volt for properly work. But Avchala has no 220 from 5.30 to 11 at night, I feel like making a time travel back to the Rustavi 90s. I would like to Google filling a medium sized mountain here nearby with its containers... Please give us storage and speed ! Read about Cringelys predictions he did a year ago and recent developements here:

17 October 2006

Deutsch-Georgisches Künstlerfest zu Ehren Niko Pirosmanis in Georgien

Niko Pirosmani: Fest zur Erntezeit, 105x349 cm, Museum der Künste, Tiflis

Tolle Georgisch-Deutsche Künstlertage
stehen uns zu Ehren Niko Pirosmanis bevor. Pirosmanis zu Lebzeiten unerfüllter Traum, verschiedenste Künstler zu Gesprächen und gemeinsamem Erleben um eine georgische Tafel zu versammeln, wird in den nächsten Tagen in Kachetien Wirklichkeit. Bei den Teilnehmern handelt es sich um überwiegend bekannte und etablierte Künstler Deutschlands und Georgiens, gespannt bin ich schon sehr auf das Picknick mit allen am Ufer des Alasanis und auf die gemeinsame Ausstellung in der Karawanserei.

programaopt, originally uploaded by grijsz.

programa1opt, originally uploaded by grijsz.

Allen Künstlern wünsche ich viele interessante Gespräche, neue Bekanntschaften, Entdeckungen im Neuen Georgien, Schaffenskraft, eine küssende Muse und Ströme von Wein.
Und hier der aktuelle Wetterbericht für Tiflis

12 October 2006

08 October 2006

Kakheti, digging a well, making new wine

Tamazi and his team are digging a well, recently down to 6 meter, they reach water probably at 12 meters but maybe that is not enough.

Tamazi is an All-round man, he has sheep and cattle up in the mountains, can drink like bull, is a very honest and charming guy. His daughter studies in Berlin and his sister lives in New York. If she was smart today, she read C.J.Chivers article in the NYT on Georgia's wineyard and got a little homesick probably. Link

Meanwhile the bread baker and beemaster Wassiko checks the bees.

and our winemaster Simoni does the most important work, decanting the young Rkatsiteli wine...

into these nice 20 Liter bottles.

Short, a perfect autumn in Kakheti, Ninigori, Georgia

PS I am happy about the news that some of my Russian friends finished their descision to move from Moscow to Georgia and obtained a Minibus and a house near Signaghi, some 30 kms from here.

06 October 2006


khevsuri, originally uploaded by khvliksi.

Information is everything: See khvliksis photoset on Flickr

"Why Georgia looks to Europe"

by prime minister Zurab Nogaideli at International Herald Tribune here

03 October 2006

"Georgien, das hab ich mir verdient."

Ein Interview mit Klaus Toppmöller, dem Nationaltrainer der Georgier im FAZ.NET, hier

erti-gundi-wart, originally uploaded by grijsz.

Nokchoi- ein neuer Name für Tschetschenien ?

Zwei virtuose Artikel von Andrea Jeska im Eurasischen Magazin Neuer Name für Tschetschenien hier und Tod eines Terroristen ? hier

02 October 2006

Stalin als Relikt und schönes Gemüse

Ralph Hälbig vom Georgien-Blog meditiert seine Erlebnisse in einem abstrusen Stalin-Wundergarten hier

Hansi erlebt seinen ersten Schultag, hier,
und hat damit nun auch seinen eigenen Blog: http://hanspeterbuhr.blogspot.com

12 Schüler der Klasse 1o in Tbilissi nach Ihren Berufswünschen befragt:

2 Geschäftsfrauen, 1 Geschäftsmann, 2 Juristinnen, 1 Rechtsanwalt, 1 Ärztin (Kardiologie), 1 Fernsehjournalistin, 1 Schauspielerin, 1 Archtitektin, 1 Diplomatin, 1 Computerspezialist

Auf die Frage: "Dein größter Wunsch ?" antwortete eine Schülerin: " Ich möchte gern Robin Williams heiraten."

Nun noch Fotos vom Basar in Akhaltsikhe für die Georgienfans:

Übrigens, der Foto-Pool "The Georgians" ist gewichtiger geworden: Hier