31 May 2008

A new fresh blog from the Caucasus: Nicolas Landru

Nicolas Landru is a prevalent traveler in the Caucasus Region and started his new blog with fresh reportages in French, English and German:

Nicolas Landru - Journalisme au Caucase

12 May 2008

Entry in the town Rustavi

entry in the town Rustavi, originally uploaded by leluchi.

by Lela Meparishvili

06 May 2008

Half Khevsur

Heiner myself, originally uploaded by grijsz.

03 May 2008

Ananuri Castle

Ananuri is feudal period (XVI-XII) fortress on the Aragvi River in Georgia, about 45 miles from Tbilisi. It was the residence of the Eristavis (dukes) of Aragvi. The ensemble contains citadel, castle and towers. The main architectural building of the ensemble is the big Church Of Assumption with dome. The facades are richly decorated. Inscriptions on the wall prove that the church was built in 1689 by order of one of the dukes of Aragvi. To the east of the church the bell tower was built in XVII century. There are towers where you can climb and old tunnels to explore. The views on Jzhinvali dam and mountains from the ensemble are amazingly beautiful.
On the way to Ananuri, in the restaurants with wicker houses you can have Georgian dishes and of course delicious Khinkali and Mtsvadi, which you can see being roasted on a spit. In the forest, close to Ananuri castle there are quite good places with wooden tables and wicker peasant houses to make a picnic. So, going to Ananuri is fine chance to have good time with friends on healthy air between the mountains and see one more treasure of Georgia.

Ananuri castle complex

Bell Tower

Tower and the big church with dome

Old Inscriptions

Selling traditional clothing and souvenirs

View from the tower
Old ananuri church


Irma, originally uploaded by leluchi.

By Lela Meparishvili, Rustavi