12 May 2008

Entry in the town Rustavi

entry in the town Rustavi, originally uploaded by leluchi.

by Lela Meparishvili


ShadoW said...

hi! I'm looking for a georgian artist by 4 years over... i had three songs of her in your language. all of them are great! but i dont know who sings? and what is the names of these songs! please help me. here are the songs! Thanks!




please, please help me!

Theresa said...

Hi! I was wondering if there are any home phone number directories in Rustavi that might be available online. I'm trying to get in touch with a friend who might be in trouble over there and I lost his number, but I know his parents names and hope I can maybe search for their phone number that way.

please e-mail me back at laeriel@gmail.com