28 February 2007

Street car racer Tbilisi

Today I catched one of those guys, he actually wore belts, I was astonished and he was a very kind guy. Huu, but fear them on the move... more info here

Small studio with view over Old Tbilisi/ Guest Apartment

Nice guest apartment with view over Old Tbilisi, at the foot steps of Bethlemi Church.
No luxury. Nice living room with great view. 2 beds, very basic kittchen and bath. Central. Very romantic. EUR 25.00/day/1 Person, EUR 45.00/day/2 Persons, Contact: kaukasus@gmail.com

26 February 2007

New Art Cafe on Leselidze 22: Van Gogh

Seems pretty new, it is nice, needs just some darkening and life and drunken artist discussions.

24 February 2007

"Caucasus" a photo by Paata

Caucasus, originally uploaded by Paata.

more than 70 comments at Flickr ! This is almost a Georgian record, I guess ;-)

Check Paata's photos at Flickr: http://flickr.com/photos/paata/

23 February 2007

King Kong to visit the Caucasus

cats1kong1, originally uploaded by grijsz.

Let's have some fun here ;-)

22 February 2007


horse-thief-blue1black2, originally uploaded by grijsz.

...collecting material for a story what has to do with a Street in Tbilisi named after the poet Sayat-Nova. Horses and thieves, with a fictional plot, with romantic and reality and surrealism...Link:

21 February 2007

Donkey in a street

donkey-street1-600, originally uploaded by grijsz.

One of my recent digital collages with a theme, see more at http://horse-thief-sayat-nova.blogspot.com/ or at this Flickr-Set

20 February 2007

Vier schöne georgische Liebesgeschichten

"Einmal kam ich von der Schule. Mein Haus war in Gldani (Vorort von Tbilisi). Ich hatte kein Geld, um mit dem Bus zu fahren und deswegen musste ich zu Fuß gehen. Dann aber hielt ein Auto neben mir und der Fahrer war eine Frau. Sie war ungefähr 25 Jahre alt und sie war ALLEIN. ..."

Vier schöne georgische Liebesgeschichten von georgischen Jugendlichen in Teamarbeit geschrieben, auf Deutsch ! Vielen Dank an Herrn Matthias und die georgischen Schüler: Link

19 February 2007

Cattle drive Tusheti 2007

treck-abano-pass, originally uploaded by grijsz.

Sheep, cattle, horses, dogs, campfires, mountains, meadows, sun and rain, hail and snow:

See the marvellous beauty of pure life on the road over the mountains with Tushetian shepherders in Autumn 2007

Travel date:

24.09. to 08.10. 2007

Number of participants: 4-6

Travel programme in short

24.09. Transfer from Tbilisi to Zemo Alvani in Kakheti
25.09. Travel with 4WD over the Caucasus Range and the Abano-pass to Tusheti
26.09.-29.09. Excursions into the villages Chesho, Parsma, Girevi/preparations for the Cattle drive
30.09. - 04.10. Cattle drive through Tusheti over the Abanopass 2870 m to Zemo Alvani in the Kakhetian Wine region
05.10. - 06.10. Join the traditional Alaverdoba-feast in Zemo Alvani and Alaverdi
07.10. Return journey to Tbilissi
08.10. Departure, or extension of the stay in Georgia

All information on this Adventure journey here

Viehtrieb Tuschetien Georgien 2007 Link

18 February 2007

How to make Wodka- the Aparatura

How to make Vodka, originally uploaded by grijsz.

Every Wine-farmer in Kakheti burns Dsha-Dsha in the winter, from the remaining Dsha-Dsha last Autumn

zavod-vodka-true, originally uploaded by grijsz.

This first Wodka will be burnt again, 60 Liter will be enough for next year

Mtskheta by Paata

Mtkheta, originally uploaded by Paata.

Paata has some great photos shot from helicopter, see the series here
at Flickr http://flickr.com/photos/paata/

15 February 2007

Tbilisi cocktail-party

cocktail-party, originally uploaded by grijsz.


Georg Heym


Noch weht um dich der Duft der großen Steppen,
Der Sommer Polens, und der Wogengang
Der Weizenfelder, wenn den Fluß entlang
Der Treidler Schultern große Flöße schleppen.

Tief, wie die schwarzen, herbstlichen Zisternen,
Die einsam stechen in das Morgengraun,
Sind deine Augen, die ins Weite schaun
Aus engen Straßen nach den Wintersternen.

Du wurdest für ein wildes Pferd geschaffen,
Für einen Ritt durch Nächte und Gefahr,
Die Tschapka auf der Stirn mit Goldagraffen.

Darunter flatterte dein schwarzes Haar,
Und wie von Silber glänzten unsre Waffen,
Wenn durch die Mondnacht zieht der weiße Aar.

Lyrikmail: http://blog.lyrikmail.de/

12 February 2007

Take your own Gmail

Google's Gmail can be free registered now here without invitation, so take a look and check it out. I use it for almost two years and for me its simply the best E-mail-Experience.

Why Gmail is different ? Read
plus the Comments.

Wikipedia has a deeper description of Gmail and compares it

Another advantage is, that you create with the E-mail-Account a free account at Google and may use all the other great inventions and services, like Blogger, Notebook, Reader +,+,+

11 February 2007

French Bulldog

French Bulldog, originally uploaded by grijsz.


06 February 2007

View over Tbilisi by Cinto2

Mountain view, originally uploaded by cinto2.

Herdsman, originally uploaded by cinto2.

Check out Cinto2's photos from Georgia here

04 February 2007

Travel Services in Armenia and Azerbaijan

Caspian Travel
101 Nizami-Straβe
+994 12 498 25 08
+994 12 493 38 70

7 Days

Travel Agency

3/3 Baghramyan Ave.,

Yerevan, Armenia 0019

phone: 374 10 527737

fax: 374 10 580091

email: karine_hovsepyan@7days.am

website: http://www.welcomearmenia.com

Paris,Paris by Otari Arisheli

Collage, 40x30cm, 2000

Check out Otari's works here: http://arisheli.blogspot.com/

Horses of the Wind, Rustavi by Jumber Jikia to be sold ?

horses-rustawi, originally uploaded by grijsz.

It is not finished yet, in between should be a third rising horse. It was never paid by the town of Rustavi, so there are rumours that Jumber is going to sell or sold the statue to a private collector. To loose the Horses of the Wind would be a serious loss for Rustavi's culture.

03 February 2007

Jörg Herold, Schneestürmer

s/w Kopien übermalt mit Beize, Gouache, Acryl, 29,7 x 42 cm, WV Nr. 981, 2006
Rechte: courtesy Galerie EIGEN + ART Leipzig/Berlin
Gallery: http://www.eigen-art.com/

Jörg Herold has a show going on at Eigen-Art in Leipzig "Das Kaukasische - Eine Nachlese zu Empfindungen des Herrn Blumenbach" more info and images here at


and here


02 February 2007

Tiny Example for the price-rally in Tbilisi

Today I wrote my first snail-nail postcards since 1995. I found some wonderful cards with motifs of Svaneti and the Sno-Valley and thought, oh, lets surprise my friends in Berlin...

Six postcards cost 50 tetri each plus 2.50 Lari porto to Germany. 18 Lari to send a couple of nice words on six cards to Germany.... A teacher gets maybe a salary of 120 Lari/month and writes 40

Use the 18 Lari porto for 8 days ADSL-Internet access ;-)

01 February 2007


Browse your favourite books with a complete new handling and a book-shelf experience at Amaztype

*Really cool* A Webservice using the database of Amazon

Try it here for Caucasus or here for Armenia and here for Azerbaijan and here for Chechnya

For Georgia we have the old common interference with the synonym for the US-State Georgia, but anyway check it out: Georgia


Hans Heiner Buhr,2000