18 February 2007

How to make Wodka- the Aparatura

How to make Vodka, originally uploaded by grijsz.

Every Wine-farmer in Kakheti burns Dsha-Dsha in the winter, from the remaining Dsha-Dsha last Autumn

zavod-vodka-true, originally uploaded by grijsz.

This first Wodka will be burnt again, 60 Liter will be enough for next year

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Writern said...

I've done that! But I used a barrel with what we called a "Sputnik", a refining tower with pressurized watercooling. The whole thing was placed on a stove. It burned out 94% clean alcohol!
The "fuel" was then used in coffe: First you put a coin in the coffecup, then you pour coffe until it cant be seen. Then you pour spirits until you can see it again. Two of thos, and you speak Georgian fluently.