11 July 2006

Breed on car styles in Georgia and Azerbaijan

Breed had his fun in Tbilisi with some public car racings in the City Center of Tbilisi. Shit, that I that day drove away, as I always are in turmoil, when I see the youngsters with their "Street Car Racing Team Georgia"-Stickers thundering 160 in their tuned Ford Fiestas 50 km/h streets...

I could not comment on his wordpress-blog, so instead my short comment here:

Hi Breed,
thank you for your great analyze, and the cool writing skills, wich I would like to have too...
Yes, the Kebabs are also a reason ;-)
Georgian men like beer just as a refreshment, it does not count as alcohol really. There are quite some good beers here, if you stay for a while longer, try the Natakhtari-Beer, I lately prefer this. Have you been on that huge open public beer bar along the Embankment, next to the Beer-factory, where drivers stop and have their beer, next to the Patrol Police ?

Imagine also the 2 different lifes of an average German car, lets say an Opel Vectra. His first 8 or 9 years he spends in a paradise on German streets, good fuel, slow riding, oil and filters perfecto. The second life turns out to be a cars hell: Race speed driving full time, cranking engine, full load, battered tyres and brakes, but still working, what no German garage could believe... it's just so funny...

Best regards, Hans

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