12 July 2006

Dear future German Blog Reader

...something beside the Caucasus

1. Why do have Germans the second biggest top level domain pool in the world,
just next to the .com-top level domain ?

* .com: 51.701.541
* .de: 10.000.000
* .net: 7.676.583
* .uk: 5.039.470
* .org: 4.677.451
* .info: 2.953.088
* .eu: 2.004.764[2]
* .nl: 1.929.767
* .biz: 1.402.182
* .it: 1.162.416
source: Wikipedia.de

Because they like to publish !

2. But why 99% of Internet-Germans do not blog, even do not read blogs ?

Because they do not know, what a RSS-FEED is and what a RSS-READER is, and if they hear about it, they think it is something very tecknologikal and maybe dangerous.

So, how to become a blog reader, maybe short there after a blogger:

1. Install a good webbrowser, f.e. http://www.mozilla.com/firefox/

2. Install a RSS-READER (a little tool, that let your browser follow new posts on any chosen blog) Here how to get one into your Firefox-Webbrowser:

Go to: http://sage.mozdev.org/install/

(You now can install on that page the RSS-Reader SAGE by clicking on: Click here to install)

After install: Shut down your firefox webbrowser and restart your firefox webbrowser !!!

Now, you already can open SAGE (<Click on TOOLS in the top bar of Firefox, then click on SAGE>) , but it is still empty, because you did not bookmark any blog yet.

Go on a good Blog, f.e. http://georgien.blogspot.com

Bookmark this blog (thus let SAGE read that's Blog RSS-feed) by clicking on the sign of the LENS.

When SAGE found 1 or more feeds, just chose one of those, and click YES.

Whenever the writer of http://georgien.blogspot.com wrote in a new post some news on Georgia, your SAGE shows you the existense of the UPDATED blog by showing it in FAT BLACK LETTERS.

So, hit from time to time the RELOAD button in the top of SAGE and he will check your observed blogs on new postings.

Now, you are following multiple regulary updated great individual webpages (called:Blogs) under one wing, under SAGE.

How to find interesting blogs ? Go here and search


And if its a worth cool blog, then don't forget to bookmark that blog in SAGE. (Details above)

>Puhh, I think I should not post this ABC on a Blog ?? ;-)<

If I bored you to death, and this was probably all nonsense, then you will maybe like ideas
like this: A very great post by Robert Scoble on his blog:


Anonymous said...


That's is all very interesting and I completely agree with the Firefox part. I do not use Sage, I use bliglines instead and I am very very happy with it. That is how I read your blogs.

What strikes me a bit odd is the number of .de domains. I am not trying to say that it is overblown, but it does seem a little strange how all domains have numbers that seem quite real and .de is exactly 10.000.000.


Hans said...

Hi Vova,

here is a more acurate number:

9.921.036 End May 2006

A bit below 10.000.000

(I myself have 8 or 9 ;-))

Yes, of course, Sage is just one example. There are many more other ways. The way f.e. Opera did the integration into the browser itselfs always confused me a bit.

I started to read some blogs in 2003, but installed an RSS-Reader End 2004 (took me 1,5 years to get it) and started blogging a couple of month later... So all from my own experience ;-)