08 October 2006

Kakheti, digging a well, making new wine

Tamazi and his team are digging a well, recently down to 6 meter, they reach water probably at 12 meters but maybe that is not enough.

Tamazi is an All-round man, he has sheep and cattle up in the mountains, can drink like bull, is a very honest and charming guy. His daughter studies in Berlin and his sister lives in New York. If she was smart today, she read C.J.Chivers article in the NYT on Georgia's wineyard and got a little homesick probably. Link

Meanwhile the bread baker and beemaster Wassiko checks the bees.

and our winemaster Simoni does the most important work, decanting the young Rkatsiteli wine...

into these nice 20 Liter bottles.

Short, a perfect autumn in Kakheti, Ninigori, Georgia

PS I am happy about the news that some of my Russian friends finished their descision to move from Moscow to Georgia and obtained a Minibus and a house near Signaghi, some 30 kms from here.

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