22 October 2006

Resumee on the Pirosmani feast with Georgian and German Artists at Mirzaani

It was a nice event , here is basicly what I liked and what not


German artists are coming to Georgia and watching the sites, the culture and meet Georgians.

The locals are celebrating the place, the earth, the culture of the ancients and also Pirosmani as a historical figure. A few went inside the museum to see his works I realized.

Georgian artists meet German colleagues.

The weather and the wine and the meat was good.


German Art did not try to raise any common or to Pirosmani related topics, it just looked like a bad collection of a overrun flee market. It was a quite bad show, with 2 or 3 exeptions.

The event of the discussion between the artists of the two countries was poorly prepared. There was no discussion exept the statements "oh, I love Georgia, or ooh how nice it is, to work in Germany...etc"

Nothing of an attempt to initiate a discussion between the artists of the two countries.

Please, if you have been there and/or have another opinion, please share via the comments


Writer'n said...

Well, Hans. Discussions among artist tend to become quite ugly from my experience. Consensus is always the way to go ..especially when you are guest/having guests.
In my mind art should be a statement in it self, provocative, critical.. so when the artists don't want to discuss...they maybe dont have much to say with their art either? BUT..I wansn't there :-)

Hans said...

Hi Eistein, I think I expected too much. Probably to bring the German works had cost a couple of thousand euros. I think some nice plein-airs could have been more productive, also within the exchange between the artists and also related to Pirosmani, or to landscape or to a contemporary attempt of a comment on things. Anyway I enjoyed the contact with the German art and the event could have been good with a more profound planning. But there is hope, as these meetings will repeat in a rhythm of 1 or 2 years.

Rapho said...

Hi Heiner, yesterday I have read an article in german/european Jounal "Lettre". This was very illuminative for me. The name of the author is Isabelle Graw. She wrote about art, market, fashion "Prinzip Celebrity - portrait about the artist in the visual industry. The view is incisive and in the same time the content was disenchanting for me: art is a fashion trend. It sounds simple but the article was brilliant.
The headline in this paper was: "art and calculus". And another article by Stefan Jonsson wrote about the intellectual relation between aesthetic and jounalismus. The journalismus is an dusty, boring industriell complex. Only the art can describe, explain and show an more concret view of the world. I think blogs must be like an multimedia art programm and concept against the mass-phenomenon. May be the internet is good posibility. I don't know. Rapho

Rapho said...

There are the link: http://www.lettre.de/aktuell/74_Graw.html (Isabelle Graw: KUNST, MARKT, MODE)

Writer'n said...

Journalism CAN be very mainstream, referring and boaring yes. BUT the reportageformat reveals a descriptiv ability much like art. Reportage is of course documentary, but still hae expressive elements that goes beyond the mainstream journalistic referring of events. But, as the old and wise newpaperguys say: "Reportage is to expensive to be used in mainstream media. It takes some work"..heheh