29 October 2006

What an artist, and what a biography

Photo: Igor Avramenko

The painter Igor Avramenko from Baku:

"I left for the Apsheron Peninsula, found an empty house in the oil field and
moved my paintings, books, paints and my cat there. It was a small oasis in
the sand desert stuck with oil derricks and bulk oil tanks. It was a
mysterious view, especially at night. I heard enigmatic sounds all the time.
My friends helped me to redecorate the house, but the roof still leaked.
When it rained my cat and me sat on the bed and listened to the rain
concert. I painted much and was happy. There grew fruit trees near my
house - apricots, persimmons, mulberry trees, grapes. In the morning I rode
a bicycle to the sea for fishing. My life resembled the one of the character
of a well-known book "Walden or Life in the Woods" by Henry David Thoreau."

Website: http://www.agavaart.com/eng/about.php?nid=5

Paintings: http://www.agavaart.com/eng/index.php?ggid=1001

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