19 March 2007

What's new ?

How nice are Georgian letters...

John H. Wurdeman and his Georgian artist collegues David Beraia and Shergil Pirtskhelani opened the Old Town Studios in Sighnaghi, a logical next step in the creation of a vivid art scene in Kakheti/Kisiki. Read the article at Georgia Today here

Lado Burduli and Michael Wiederhold working on centralizing and promoting independent Rock Bands from the whole Caucasus Region on
The Rock from the Caucasus got also its own website on http://www.caucasusrocks.net/
and gives some songs to hear of the bands here http://www.caucasusrocks.net/bands/

Sergi Gvarjaladze manages the first Music Magazin for Georgia, Ozoni

If you did not see enough snow this year, take look at the Flickr-tag Gudauri

We opened a Google Group to all questions related to recreation, culture, travel and leisure in Georgia. Have any question ? Please join our group here
and post your question.

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Rapho said...

The author from the article about The Old Town Gallery (Karen Shimizu ) has got an fabolous blog: http://karemizu.com/index.html
Nice, Heiner! Good tipps.

Elisa (Italia) said...

volevo farti i complimenti hai un sito bellissimo un abbraccio dall'Italia

Congratulations on a beautiful website
Loved everything on your site and you did a magnificent job. You should be proud of yourself