06 March 2007


map-tusheti-07new80, originally uploaded by grijsz.

Selfmade ;-)

and here is the former Version

See the comments

and, I made it for the Cattle Drive Journey to Tusheti, more here


rolandmex said...

I like the idea. Good job!

Being a cartographer myself I can tell you there's not much of creativity with "normal" artists concerning maps and an artistic approach to them.
This one is a really different approach and I like it a lot.

Hans said...

Hi Roland, thanks for comment.

I added the map I was busy with, while an accident ruled the invention of the above map, by pasting another image as a layer, who came down beneath the letters of those villages. I saw the letters in clouds and heaven and thought, oh, moment, lets try a map only with this...;-)

Best regards to Mexiko !

adviser said...

Weit ist der Weg...