13 February 2006

News from Georgian Artists

The young Georgian Artist Andro Wekua, who lives now mainly in Zürich, Switzerland has a show at Gladstone Gallery Chelsea New York. See his works at the Gallery's Website here.
David Arobelidze and Otar Arisheli show some newer and older paintings on their blogs: http://davidarobelidze.blogspot.com/ and http://arisheli.blogspot.com/

David Arobelidze: "Who is more" 1999

Otar Arisheli: "Sumer" 1998

The paintings and drawings of Murtazi Shvelidze can be found at http://artpension.blogspot.com/

Murtazi Shvelidze, 2003

The master of the so-called "Anti-soviet pop art" Otari Chkhartishvili shows works at Kaukasus-Kaleidoscope here

Otar Chkhartishvili, 1957

A set of Pop Art by Hans Heiner Buhr from Tbilisi at Flickr here.

Tusheti, 2005


Anonymous said...

Что это за грузин который голую бабу с пиздой нарисовал? Это как то не по кавказски. А вообще я грузин очень уважаю.

С увжением,

zaldseller said...

i like to work of andro wekua and would like to acquire some for my collection , do you know any for sale ?