13 July 2005

Tusheti- Mountainworld August 2005 Georgia Greater Caucasus

Last Chance for Tusheti Mountain Journey 13.08.- 26.08. 2005 the best time to visit Georgias Balcony, the wonderful Tusheti, a Journey you'll never forget

Impressions from Tusheti here

Programme in short

13.08. Arrival, Sightseeing Tbilisi

14.08. Transfer to Eastern Georgia, Kakheti (160km) to Village Alwani, Sightseeing Kakheti: Shuamta and Alawerdi

15.08. Transfer with Russian Off-Road Jeeps to Omalo/Tusheti via the Abano-Pass (2950m)

16.08. Trekking and sightseeing around Omalo

17.08. Trekking to Dochu

Near Jvarboseli

18.08. Trekking to Jvarboseli and Tsovata, Overnight Stay in Shepherders Camp

19.08. Trekking around Tsovata

Trekking around Tsovata

21.08. Transfer to ancient villages Parsma and Dartlo

22.08. Trekking to Girevi

23.08. Transfer to Diklo and Shenako

24.08. Trekking in the area of Diklo/Shenako

25.08. Transfer back to Kakheti

26.08. Transfer to Tbilisi

Slight changes of this programme may occure at your request/or on weather conditions

Price: 1250,- Euro

Contact: info@kaukasus-reisen.de

At Parsma



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Rapho said...

dear heiner,
yuo should make many nice picture about this greatful region. Give regards to the inhabitants from Omalo by Megi, Ralph, Susanne and Julia fro germany to Irakli for example.

Have a wonderful journey!


Henning(i) said...


see also my blogsite with many pictures of Tusheti: