17 September 2005

Shepherders driving cattle near Sagarejo

Autumn, the most beautiful time in Georgia for me. This year on September13th, I have met my first shepherders on the road, between Sagarejo and Badiauri in Kakheti. Those fellows had been very kind, driving 1500 sheep from Bakuriani in the Lesser Caucasus to Gurjani, their winter pastures and homeland in Kakheti. I want to bee a shepherder too, despite the hard life those guys have. End of this month, I will take part in a cattle drive of 2600 sheep from Tusheti down to Kakheti. For the road itself we will need approximatly 6 days. Be sure to get more photos then.

Man, how much I love Georgia and how much I love Freedom and Georgias Freedom. Tavisupleba !

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Anonymous said...

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