15 June 2007

Carpets in Manana's Shop Tbilisi


mike from Iowa said...

Manana's shop is THE best in Tbilisi, bar none!
But, better than the carpets by far, is the wonderful hospitality afforded to patrons and browsers of this shop. It is my hangout when there, and the ladies treat me very well, and I am happy to call them my friends.
Just across from the currently-being-refurbished caravanseri, I encourage anyone visiting the old city to stop in, say HI from Mike, and seriously consider taking home some woven artwork from the Caucasus.

Katia Camps said...

Hello Mike

I am planning a trip to Georgia and am keen on visiting this carpet shop. Could you give me clearer instructions or address? Would it be simply a case of asking for this shop at the hotel?


Hans said...

Hello Katia,

the shop of Manana is on Erekle II (second)-Street, just at the entrance. You can not miss it in the Old Town. Best regards, Hans

Karina said...

This is indeed the best carpet shop in Tbilisi! Lovely pictures of the inside.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. One question - will they ship your carpet for you?

Many thanks in advance for any info and pricing of this.

Piotr (The Warsaw!)