08 July 2007

Art-Gene Festival In Chargali, June 29

Art-Gene Festival is georgian folklore festival, which is held for the 4th time in Georgia. This year Art-Gene days have alrealy passed in 9 regions of Georgia and the final concerts will be held in Tbilisi, in the Open Air Museum, from 16 to 22 july, where the best participants choosen from all 10 regions ( including Tbilisi) will take part. So, the organizers of the festival will make them able to be seen and listened on the widest scale by foreigners and visitors from Tbilisi.
One of the aims of this year festival was developing inside tourism, people could go to all these regions and know about their customs, mode of life.
During the last 6 days, in the Open Air Museum, from 12:00 pm to late evening public is welcome to see and know about Georgian customs, traditional crafts, cuisine, martial arts and enjoy Georgian folklore.
I put very interesting photos from Art-Gene festival in Chargali (June 29) - beautiful village in mountainous province Pshavi, where the greatest poet and writer Vazha-Pshavela was born.

From the way to Chargali. Zhinvali reservoir

Ensemble "Aragvelebi"

Martial arts on the stage

Visitors from Tbilisi and local population watching concert

Ensemble "Chveneburebi" (left) and musician Zumba(Right)

Dressed in traditional clothes drinking wine. He is from Khevsureti

Hand-made wooden souvenirs

Old hand-made chair

Martial arts

House of Vazha-Pshavela

Hand made vessel and souvenirs
He's making souvenir

Peasant-woman, selling traditional clothes

Vazha-Pshavela and his family

On the way to Chargali, very good horseman :)

The table of Vazha-Pshavela, where lot's of amazing works are created
Beqa Gonashvili - organizer of Art-Gene and me, frying "shashlik" :) :) :)

Butter churn. Vazha-Pshavela's house

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Hans said...

The Beer drinker is the Khevsur Shota Arabuli from Korsha, interesting post, Thank you Nutsa