01 October 2007

Open Art Studio by Mamuka Tskhetsladze and Lia Shvelidze

Lia Shvelidze, founder of Open Art Studios

Famous artists Mamuka Tskhetsladze and his wife Lia Shvelidze opened this evening a wonderful space for emerging young artists, for kids and for everybody, who wants to learn some secrets of painting, drawing, graphics and film in the heart of Old Tbilisi at Asatiani 14.

The studios are open 7 days a week as well as for artistic work, for studies, lectures, evenings, openings and parties for a price of USD 100/ month. Additional there is free equipment like paints, brushes, canvases, books and magazines.

Contact: lia_mamuka_studio@yahoo.com or mobile: +995 99 593158

Here are some impressions

A painting by Mamuka Tskhetsladze

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