26 November 2007

Gods Mothers Church in Darba

The Gods Mothers Church in Darba, Kakheti. In Georgian its called "ღვთისმშობელი" [gvtismshobeli], dedicated to Maria. The Church is situated about 8 km north of Kachreti. Kachreti is situated between Sagaredjo and Bakurtsikhe on the main road from Tbilisi to Telavi.

The village Darba is home of Pridon Beroshvili and his ancestors until they and the other villagers were moved by order of Khrushchev in 1964 to Kachreti.

Here is a tomb of the family of the Beroshvili's. It is probably not much older than 200 years. The Church is a Basilika type, I think from around 10th century originally, but we try to gather more detailed information from the church.

See more photos of this church by Pridon Beroshvili here


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