12 February 2008


Bakuriani, beautiful mountain resort near Borjomi is situated at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea-level. You can enjoy it's healthy fresh air in any season.
There are several skiing-routes with different difficulty levels - Kokhta Gora (meaning "beautiful mountain"), Kokhta 2-Tatra, "25", Didveli etc. Skiing season lasts almost from November to March. Here you can enjoy snowmobiles and quadrocycles, skates in the park as well.
You can find comfortable private houses for rent and guesthouses, where prices are quite accessible.
I'm putting several links of Bakuriani hotels as well:


Kokhta ski lift


View from Kokhta

Skiers on Didveli

Didveli cable car


Didveli 2nd ski lift

Skier on Kokhta route

Me and my sister on Didveli :)

Tourists on Kokhta

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