25 March 2008

Hospitality in Georgia and WikiTravel plus 1st Barcamp

WikiTravel became an incredible good source for traveling the world, so for Georgia:

Here on Hospitality

"Georgians are hospitable to a fault (and beyond). If a Georgian invites you somewhere it will be almost impossible to pay for anything and even raising the subject of who will cover the bill can be embarrassing for your host. If invited to a private home for dinner, make sure you arrive amply stocked with wine or sweets because your hosts may well be bankrupting themselves on your behalf.

If traveling in small towns (and in the quieter parts of Tbilisi) it is customary to greet almost everyone who passes you with a friendly "Gamarjobat" (Hello). After years of isolation followed by war and economic turmoil foreigners are still regarded with undisguised curiosity and a casual greeting in the street could land you in the middle of the best dinner party of your life.

It is a very ingrained and idiosyncratic characteristic of Georgian hospitality that Georgians wish nothing more than to hear that foreigners are enjoying their experience in Georgia. Expect to be asked whether you enjoy Georgia and its cuisine. And it is expected that you respectfully reply in the affirmative. Otherwise your "hosts" will look terribly dejected as if expressing a feeling of collective failure to show visitors enough hospitality."

Much more information about Georgia here:


With Shepherds at the Steppe Region Shiraki

Dv0rsky and other bloggers from the Caucasus Region are organizing the first BarCamp in the Caucasus (more info here: http://www.barcamp-kavkaz.org/?p=9#more-9
which will take place June 7th - 9th 2008 in Tbilisi

Tbilisi at night, or think twice before coming here :)

(this is really a true remark ;-))))

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