12 June 2008

Armazi Castle

Armaziskhevi, one of the neighbourhoods of Mtskheta, was the residency of Kartli.
Armazi Castle (Armaztsikhe) is situated on the right bank of the river Mtkvari, in the south of the town. Name “Armazi” comes from heathen idol “Armazi”. Fence ruins, royal residency constructions, , sargophagus, bath, many golden and silver things are founded here.

There is also old georgian architectural monastery complex in Armaziskhevi, about 1.5 from Mtskheta. Only the ruins have reached to us. The monastery Armazi was built in 1150-78 years. To the west there is a XVI-XVII century bell tower and gate ruins.

Armazi Castle - Armaztsikhe

Ruins of monastery

Armazy monastery bell-tower

Rocky mountains near the castle

Patriots :) (singing Georgian hymn)


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