08 September 2008

September 1, Live-Chain in Tbilisi

On September 1, Georgian people stood together as a live-chain against Russian agression. The manifestation was held in all Georgian cities. About a million people took part in the Live-Chain in Tbilisi including all the central streets. At the same time this kind of chain was made in the different Georgia supporting countries. This day was blessed from Catholicos-Patriarch of all Georgia Ilia II and president Saakashvili declared it as the day of unity.

Rustaveli Avenue

Melikishvili Avenue

Little Patriot :)

Live-Chain on Rustaveli Avenue

Square of Roses (Republic Square)


Zuko said...

Fantastic impressions indeed, amazing scenes... What makes me sad, is the declaration of the local politicians that this was all to support them... People were out protesting the loss of the territories, not to support the government, I think

Lenka said...

an interesting post about the war..


Hans said...

Lenka, in your link is not a single word about Democracy, that's what we need, but not some obscure interest from one or the other power. Best regards, Hans