18 February 2009

Alaverdi, Kakheti Region

Alaverdi, originally uploaded by grijsz.

"Earliest structures of Alaverdi (Geo. ალავერდი) monastery date back to 6th century. The present day surviving cathedral is part of an 11th century Georgian Orthodox monastery. Located in 20 km from Telavi, in the Kakheti region of Eastern Georgia.

The Monastery was founded by the Assyrian monk Joseph (Yoseb, Amba) Alaverdeli, who came from Antioch and settled in Alaverdi, then a small village and the former pagan religious center dedicated to moon. At the beginning of XI century Kakhetian King Kvirike the Great built a cathedral in the place of a small church of St. George, which today is know as Alaverdi Cathedral. Alaverdi is the second tallest, after the recently consecrated Tbilisi Sameba Cathedral, religious building in the country and its height is more than 55 meters."


Chris said...


I had the privilege of spending two weeks in Georgia in June and July, 2007. Got to see Alaverdi and a number of other monasteries. My son was in the Peace Corps, so we had a free guide / interpreter, traveled by cab and marshutka (sp?) and stayed in peoples' homes. A fantastic time.

Kazbeghi was poor but gorgeous. Truso Gorge was jawdroppingly beautiful. Gori was an eye opener to the hangover from the Soviet era. July 4th at the American Bar in Tbilisi was weird. And the people were friendly and hospitable beyond belief. We actually helped make chinkhali (sp?) in a Gori couple's kitchen!

The best vacation I have ever taken. I want to go back.

Hans said...

Hello Chris, thats very kind of you to post here and very nice to hear these warm words. Come back to Georgia ! Best regards, Hans

Chris said...

I forgot to mention the cave monasteries at Davit Goreja and the little Ossetian restaurant near the foot of the bridge entering old Tbilisi, where we stuffed ourselves with hatchapuri (sp?)

Sorry for hogging your bandwidth. I just can't get Georgia off my mind.