13 April 2009

Interview with Ian Carver at Georgia Today

There is a nice interview with the traveler/adventurer Ian Carver: from Tbilisi to Kabul on Georgia Today

"GT: Ian, you do travel a lot. If you wanted to settle down somewhere, where would that be?

IC: I think it would be in Tbilisi. Now I consider Georgia to be more or less my home. I don’t really see myself living in the US any time soon. It is more interesting here and I think Georgians will choose a brighter future." read the full article here

He has some honest and straight views both on Georgia and Afghanistan and some brilliant fotos  to show on his site, like the mentioned Afghan Game horse with the huge neck

which seem to be close by type to the Karabair horses I saw in Uzbekistan, and these had been huge as well.


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