27 January 2010

Some News and Updates 2010

First of all dear Reader thanks for your patience to follow this blog, which updates rarely with text but rather with images to share my love with Georgia and the whole Caucasus Region. We live in a turbulent time of constant technological innovation, yes, in a revolution, and I am glad to follow it from my Georgian location. When I started this blog, few other blogs existed in Georgia, now blogging and "facebooking" is common and spreading very fast, and so I try to keep the pace and use new possibilities to transport a wider image, yet very individual, of how I realize my life here and how life visualizes through my eyes. In 2008 one Blogger predicted 2009 to be the year of Video, when Video would play an more important role in Blogging and generally in Web 2.0. This in mind I tried to use video more often on my blog, on Youtube and on Flickr (Link) but now in 2010 I want to try to make a very short moving image on every day, that to document the change of time, place, mood, weather and circumstances over the loop of 365 days. Not sure, if I can keep the speed up on every day, and the discipline, I try to sharpen my eye and my hand and my brain with these little impressions and maybe you can enjoy one or the other video because I'll post them here.

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Feel free to post some of your dots/knots in the comments