08 January 2012

Staying connected mobile + internet in Tbilisi,Georgia

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Mainly we have three mobile service providers in Georgia:

Magti http://www.magticom.ge/index.php?section=8&lang=eng

Magti on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/magticom.ge

Go to the customer office on 22 Rustaveli Avenue or to one of these other offices

Geocell http://www.geocell.ge/en/

Geocell on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/geocell

Beeline http://mobile.beeline.ge/en/main/store/offices.wbp?settlement=07815cfb-c6b1-4133-9138-0c963fa93b5d

Beeline on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/beeline.ge

How to connect you to the Internet with a Mobile Services Provider in Georgia !

Get your SIM-Card in one of their Offices and take your Passport with you. The SIM-Card costs approximately 3-5 GEL. As you probably want to surf with your smart phone, say that you want to enable the 3G services, these are not by default enabled.

At Magti for example the standard cost per received or sent Megabyte is 70 tetri (~ 32 Cents) , but in case you purchase a internet package you will enjoy a pretty big rebate tariff.

For example, if you take a package of  500 MB for 15 GEL you pay only 3 tetri per MB. So don't forget to do so, more info about the various packages here


To recharge your phone with funds you can either buy prepaid cards or use one of the many newly installed service terminals on the streets and in many food stores. Locals will gladly help you how to do so.

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