08 June 2005

Holy Chalices of the Khevsurs

Silver Chalices are used at the Atengenoba feasts in Juli for dark holy brewed beer. The beer is made by the Oldest of the Valley, the Khevisberi and his 1 or 2 helpers. Some of the Chalices are so old, that even the Khevisberies can not say its age.

Foto: Anja Bronny 2004, Gudani, Khevsureti, Georgia


ALC said...

Thanks for your comment on Georgia that you put on my weblog on 20six. I'm glad I found this site, which has a lot of interesting information on it.

Rapho said...

Lieber Heiner,
nächstes Jahr wäre ich dann gern mit bei diesem Fest dabei! Du hast es ja schon einmal erwähnt.
Gruss, Ralph.

steven edward streight said...

I love monks, I am Protestant, but I love hermits, and contemplation, and mystics, and St. Theresa of Avila, Martin Luther, Charles Finney, Oswald Chambers.

And I thirst badly for this, what you call, "holy beer". What does it taste like? Guiness Stout? Amber Bock?

Is there holy marihuana too? I'm serious. It is no sin. It is a blessing plant, not an evil drug.

The pharmaceutical companies persecute pot. Shame on USA for stupid policies and "drug war" idiocy.


Hans said...

Steven, it tastes different from valley to valley. Mostly like a Guiness, cold, refreshing. No sweetness. There is no holy pot,but holy "shashlyk" of sheep, Khashlama- boiled meat, Chipetauri- a head killer selfmade vodka.