18 June 2005

To marry your beloved in Georgia, in the Caucasus ?

Just married ? Enjoy an outstanding honeymoon in Georgia !

Marrying in Georgia brings luck and health for a lifetime to you and your beloved, to your future kids ! Sounds funny ? Try it !

Christianity rules in Georgia since 337 AD, the second state after Armenia, wich took Christianity official as States Religion. The ancient Georgian Churches are monuments of Humanity, Tolerance and Resistance over the centuries. Inside a church like Dshvari
(The cross) you feel the power and imagination of a Great History immediatly.
The Georgian Land between the Greater and Lesser Caucasus Ranges is a holy Land: Soaked with wine, soaked with Love, soaked with hospitality, soaked with blood. This sounds maybe
exaggerated, but one feels that at ones by landing on the bumpy airfield in Tbilisi with its wild clouds behind. What kind of people are the Georgians ? First of all hospitable hosts, as every guest is sent by God himself. They are warm, high-spirited, intelligent, strong friends
and strong enemies.

"The Georgians are very warlike and strong people and have numerous knights and warriors... In spite of existing in a totally hostile environment of infidels, they remain fearless. On the contrary - others are afraid of them and do not easily risk to offend them in any way. They are called Georgians, according to the name of the Holy Knight, St. George, whose name they esteem and respect immensely, particularly prior to the battles they are going to join..." (Bernhard von Breidenbach, 15th century German author) Source: Kartuli Idea- The Georgian Idea by Dr. Levan Urushadze

Want something different from what everyboy does ?

Relax in Georgia, get indulged in some of the best Hotels of the world, ride a horse with your bride, be the star on a Georgian table, drink the holy red wine, eat Khachapuri, Salads and Shashlyk, let a horse race going on only for you, enjoy biggest contrasts of cultures and landscapes, go out in lively Tbilisi and see the next day the world beneath you from the top of Mount Kazbegi, where Prometheus had been chained, where the Amazons ruled. Watch a Caucasian bear, buy a silver Georgian cross your Lover, let the sun, the mountains and the clouds of the Caucasus lead your future destiny. Get the real strength for your rich life in front of yours.
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steven edward streight said...

Such lovely descriptors, such beautiful settings and sailings into the frosted unknowables of other culture, strange wines, odd winds, unusual foods, the alien landscape of forevers.

And I thought Wisconsin was dreamy.