20 October 2005

What do you think is the best car for Georgia ?

This is my Nissan Patrol, he is like an old warhorse. 2.8 TD, the European Version made in Spain, built 1990. 7 years running in Germany (3 owners before myself) now 9 years in Georgia. He carried lots of folks through the Caucasus, sometimes donkeys, sometimes chicken or ducks, quite often sheep for shashlyk, very often my dogs, sometimes pigs, sometimes wine grapes, sometimes all that mixed. I changed the Turbo loader in 1999, overhauled the engine twice, but anyway I was astonished what big punches took my car without a scratch over the years. I really love him. But I consider to buy a new, I mean used, new one. I am keen on a Nissan Safari with a 4.2 Diesel Engine. But what you may suggest on the best car for use in Georgia and the Caucasus ?

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Egil Ruud said...

Are you sure it is a "he"??
Maybe a "she". The more you beat her , the more she loves you.....