19 June 2006

Rare plant species Georgia

Gelbe Schachbrettblume

Fritillaria ophioglossifolia Freyn & Sint.
(syn. Fritillaria lutea M. Bieb. 1808, non Miller 1768)

Fritillaria collina

Chaukhi, Juta, Georgia June 2006

See a collection of rare species of plants of Georgia here:



The Fritillaria Group of the Alpine Garden Society in England thinks of the right name of the above species the following:

"According to the revised classification by Martyn Rix published in January
2001, fritillaria ophioglossifolia (Freyn & Sint) is no longer an accepted
name! The accepted name for what once were called fritillaria
ophiglossifolia is now fritillaria crassifolia!

Also, according to revised classification by Martyn Rix, fritillaria lutea
(M.Beib non Miller) is now reclassified as fritillaria collina.."

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