26 June 2006

Rob, Roshka, Sorba, Pele, Mtirala

Along the roads in Khevsureti one can see the holy springs remembering beloved family members. Drinking from the water remembers them. Rob, a writer for the Bradt Travel Guide, tastes the cold water near Barissakho.

View to village Roshka on 2050 m

In Roshka

Sorba, the dog of Ivane Tsiklauri, Roshka

Pele, the son of Gogi Tsiklauri, Roshka

A new National Park was established on June 25th and approved by President Saakashvili in the Western part of the Lesser Caucasus Range near the Black Sea Coast: Mtirala National Park more Information here: http://www.panda.org/news_facts/newsroom/index.cfm?uNewsID=73660

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