09 August 2006

Cool things in Georgia 1

inspired by Cool Tools from Kevin Kelly from time to time I want to show the things I like here in Georgia. They are not always from Georgian origin, like this first example, but you can get and enjoy it here.

MacCoffee strong !!! was invented for artists and bloggers and gourmets... It is so tasty in its unique combination of coffee plus milk plus sugar. Even Otari, the artist from Rustavi, who told me that he does not like coffee very much, became addicted to this drink after I sent him a package to his studio. Thanks to the Danish House in Tbilisi it is imported from Singapore and a package of 50 packets (thus 50 cups) costs 8 Lari, what is a reasonable and very tasty 16 tetri per cup (not counted the costs of the water here.)

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