02 August 2006

Strange observations

Some quite strange things I observed in the last couple of days:

- 03.00 woke up at a balcony on 1900 m in Cesho, Tusheti. Talk to my host Bakuri on donkeys. After 10 minutes- I hear him snurking. Sleepless. 05.00 the one rooster of this tiny village starts his cock-a-doodle-doo. 05.05 One of the 7 or 8 Cesho donkeys is screaming. I get up in darkness and make coffee. 05.20 in the first morning glow, the three spiders of Bakuris balcony are all working to repair their nets.

- Ninigori, afternoon: The TV-lottery bans everybody. My son outside whispers to me, that near the outside bathtube he saw a strange small animal. I join him quietly, and after seconds see elegantly mooving, almost dancing a beautiful weasel. Short tailed, nice pure brown coat and a yellow belly. We go a bit closer and it hides. We observe another 3 minutes. Another but bigger animal lurks next to the tube: A giant rat in a good well-tended shape. Was the weasel afraid of the rat ? Or do they live in co-existence ?

Later on Wikipedia I read:
1st it brings luck to spot a weasel ( I hope on big luck for Hansi first)
2nd Weasels can even beat big bad basilisks or hares, which can be more than 100 times its own size!

The Georgian name for weasel is: Sindiopala (how beautiful) and Georgian farmers say you should never harm or hunt them, as they get crazy and will kill all your chicken and rabbits at ones.

- Tbilisi, Embankment, Traffic, Stoplight near Metekhi Church. I turn my head right and see a young guy shouting in his cellphone. I look again, he speaks into a huge old shoe. When I came back from the airport an hour later, I see him still standing there and talking and screaming into his shoe... Seems Tbilisi gets a good piece closer to Amsterdam.

North American Longtail Weasel
Source: Wikipedia

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Anonymous said...

Could it be the same day i was driving by, or the guy usually hangs out there? I don't remember the day, but I observed the same guy yelling into his shoe, while he was wearing the other shoe. Not sure about Amsterdam, but Tbilisi is starting to look like a real cosmopolitan city with its oddities.