14 January 2007

It's wonderful to be back in Tbilisi

It's wonderful to be back in Tbilisi, after 3 weeks in Germany over Christmas and New Year. My kids learned lots of new German words and phrases and used the Indoor-playgrounds for Kids in Berlin extensively. I had many nice moments and ideas with my German friends, one opened a bar, the others divorced or are in new relationships. We had Goose and Duck and Hungarian Salami, Christmas trees and Santa Claus and the over-regulations of public driving, like 30 km/hour on roads you could safe go by 120.

10 km from the airport I saw the first car crash (on an empty wide street at night [Sanapiro]) and today in 1 hour two other medium heavy crashes. Where in Berlin are 150 traffic signs on 100 meters here you have (if necessary) 1 or 2 on one kilometer in Tbilisi.

It's the clean cold air, the fresh tasty water from our facet in Avchala (better than Evian actually), the bright views to the monster-clouds above the mountains and the strong fat pig-meat roasted with onions enjoyed with huge glasses of black wine, the friendship and welcome of your closest Georgians, who makes a perfect start in a new 2007 in Sakartvelo.

When I jump in the car and hear the deep sound of the bright Diesel engine, switch the lights on and speed up to Jvari monastery for a short ride, I feel the power for the adventures ahead.

Gaumardschoss !


Henning(i) said...

Hallo Heiner,
wollte euch eigentlich noch nen guten Flug wünschen, aber nun höre ich, dass ihr gut angekommen seid und kann mir das schlechte Gewissen wohl sparen. Wie ich dich beneide! Ich wär so gern wieder in Geo - vielleicht klappts ja wieder ab Sommer mit ner Stelle, bemühe mich jedenfalls darum.
Alles Gute euch allen im Neuen Jahr,


Hans said...

Hallo Henning, was für gute Nachrichten, dass wäre ja super !


Rapho said...

Heiner - die Wolken habe ich "auch gesehen" ... Ich kann es riechen- Georgien. Bis bald! R.