15 January 2007

Prices in Tbilisi, roughly, January 2007

(100 Euro=220Lari) or (1 Lari= 45 Cent)
(100 USD=171 Lari) or (1 Lari= 58 Cent)

1 Liter Diesel fuel = 1,50 Lari
Haircut Men = 4 Lari
1 Bread = 0,50 Lari
1 Cup of Coffee in a Cafe= 1 Lari - 2,50 Lari
1 Beer= 1 Lari (Shop) or 3-4 Lari (Restaurant)
A good meal in a Restaurant with different courses ca. 25-30 Lari
1 Pair good shoes = 100-150 Lari
1 Pair Jeans Levis= 90 Lari
1 Pullover from the Basar= 25 Lari
1 BigMäc Mc Donalds = 6 Lari
1 Bottle of Quality wine 8-12 Lari
1 Liter open Wine ca 2 Lari
Taxi in Tbilisi 5-15 Lari
Gas-Bill Heating ca. 100 Lari/month (Winter)
Electricity ca. 60 Lari/month
Cell-phone without contract 75 Lari - 800 Lari
Adsl-Internet-connection ca. 70 Lari/Month
Train Ticket Tbilisi to Batumi ca. 20 Lari
Mercedes Benz 230 prod. 1995 ca. 5500 USD


Hotel 3*** ca. 60-70 USD
Rent Tbilissi 1-room apt. ca. 200 USD
3-room apt. ca. 400 - 600 USD
5-room apt. ca. 700-800 USD

To buy an apt. (4-rooms) in Tbilisi ca. 40.000 bis 80.000 USD, varies depending on location and details

Do you have different experiences, please comment


Anonymous said...

you can probably get diesel for much cheaper - like 1.30. a few weeks back I was coming from Ankara (long story short, i missed a connecting flight to Trabzon and took a bus all the way). The bus was supposed to get me to Hopa and then I was planning to take a dolmus/bus to Sarpi and cross over. The bus driver, kept 5 Georgians on the bus and declared that he is going to Batumi. It was Metro bus. Just for a side note, Metro does not serve Georgia. Later I found out that they keep people on the roster so that they can cross into Georgia, fill tanks with diesel and go back - diesel is three times cheaper in Georgia, than in Turkey...

Hans said...

Yes, right, the normal Diesel for buses and trucks the L62-Quality is 1.30 Lari. The better quality of the so-called Eurodiesel is 1.50

Thanks for the comment and best regards, Hans