13 April 2007

News from Georgian Artists

Painting by Lado Pochkhua

Lado Pochkhua send over a link to his new art blog from Budapest, where he shows his amazing paintings: http://looksharper.blogspot.com/

Misha Iashvili had a nice opening tonight with new collages at TMS Gallery Tbilisi. At the opening was a performance with poems by Grisha Robakidze, see my impressions here

Crowded opening at TMS

Grisha Robakidze with Graf Oto von Rubin (left) and Alexander Bainbridge (right)

TMS as always crowded

Collage by Misha Iashvili, TMS Gallery Tbilisi


Lado said...

Hi Hans! Thanks for linking to me.
Check out this article, this boy is amazing - he likes equestrian figures as much as you do:


Rapho said...

Heiner, otari ein Graf? R.