10 May 2007

Giorgoba-St.George's Day

On may 6 I went to Gori (town in 80 km from Tbilisi) and visited Gorijvari church, located in south-west of Gori, on a high mountain. Pilgrims come here from different parts of Gori to pray, bring cattle for slaughter, wine etc for the feast. Giorgoba is commemorated twice a year, november 23 and may 6.

Gorijvari rise

Gorijvari yard


On the way to Gorijvari there are places where people stop for the feasts

Church bell

Priest sanctifies wine and icons

Way to Gorijvari. Boys coming from the church

He's preparing for the feast :)


TACKAD said...

thanks for the post and the pictures. most of us americans are completely unuaware of customes like this and the history behind them.

Anonymous said...

giorgoba es ucmindesia chventvis kartvelebistvis da sul ase iqneba amen.gaumarjos sakartvelos da kartvelebs