02 September 2007

4 crazy Mountainbikers, 1 Georgian and 3 Germans, crossing some of the highest passes in Khevsureti

nach-Roschka, originally uploaded by grijsz.

Sagrdzele Pass from Dshuta to Roshka, 3050 m. Photo: Rolf Hoffmann

quo-vadis-2opt, originally uploaded by grijsz.

In the Chaukhi Valley behind Dshuta. Photo: Rolf Hoffmann

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Ralph H. said...

Hi Rolf, great tour!!! A friend of mine bstarted his single tour after the war through Georgia. After five days he finished the tour before the mountains. I don't like to tell about this. Today it is much more better to travel in this great country!!!!

All the best for the next tours and mybe you will come back to the caucasus ....