16 September 2007

Impressions from Yerevan

abovyan-street, originally uploaded by grijsz.

It just feels like Paris, except Paris misses the wonderful view to the two Ararat's and Yerevan misses the relaxing presence of the Seine. Of course Yerevan has the bigger cars and Off-Roaders, there are as many Hummers as are VWs in Germany.

Yerevan is perfect for a week of shopping and culture. And of course the amazing cuisine, which combines Armenian, Persian, Syrian, Greek, Georgian and European cuisine with a perfect arrangement and quite decent prices. The beer is perfect, the wine, the coffee, Taxi prices are as 1 Euro for short distances in the city, 2 for longer ways.

The problem are the many beautiful girls and women strolling along the boulevards and cafes, as it is difficult to bear that beauty and charm, especially if you are married already.

The town is full of Jazz, even there is a Courbet in the Museum of Fine Arts, there is a good collection of fine Dutch and Russian paintings, and there is Parajanov and a couple of good earlier Saryans. This city has taste and pop and culture and a bright nightlife.

To reach Yerevan from Tbilisi by car you need to plan 6 hours, plus 1 hour at the border, as the Checkpoint is still very slow and seems like old fashioned Soviet style. The best route is Tbilisi-Sadakhlo-Vanadzor-Dilidshan-Sevan- Yerevan.

It is definitely a top destination and I go there in November again. Thank you Yerevan !

"According to Armenian tradition, the name of Yerevan is derived from an expression exclaimed by Noah in Armenian while looking in the direction of Yerevan, after the ark had landed on Mount Ararat and after the flood waters had receded: "Yerevants!" ("it appeared!").[3] The more plausible theory on the origin of the name is that the city was named after the Armenian king, Yervand the Third (the Last), the last leader of the Orontid Dynasty and founder of the city of Yervandashat."



Anonymous said...

If you have the chance, take some trips out of the city as well. There are plenty of half-day trips to make, to Echmiadzin, Khor Virap, Garni & Geghard, Amberd. Also, on your way back, if you have time stop in Alaverdi to visit Sanahin and Haghpat monasteries and Odzun, a little before you reach Alaverdi coming from Vanadzor.

Hans said...

Hello Myrthe,

thank you for the additional ideas ! Are you living in Yerevan ?

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

Yes, Hans. I am originally from Holland, but I moved to Yerevan almost three years ago. I blog at The Armenian Odar.

I've been reading your blog for quite some time and I enjoy your art and pictures. I've never been to Georgia yet (amazing as that may sound after living in Yerevan for such a long time), but it is high on my to-do-list!