23 December 2008

About Georgia and (little) Wonders

Occasionally I tell my guests, that Georgia is a special country, where wonders are happening much more often than elsewhere. Mostly they don't believe me at firsthand and I start to explain about what happend then or then miraculous under the most unbelievable circumstances.

Today happened two little wonders, they probably happen all over the world too, but it let me think, about Georgia, the little country near the paradise where happen very often smaller and bigger wonders... ;-)

I had a guest today in my studio, when she left, we went together to catch a Taxi for her at Leselidze Street. We stopped a red Mercedes Taxi, and she left for her home.  After 20 minutes she called me back, if she had maybe lost her keys in my place, I checked everything, nothing. Another 20 minutes later calls me an unknown caller, tells me he is the Taxi Driver, if I know about a foreign  woman etcetera, he brought her the keys, and I was wondering, where did this friendly man get my cell phone number from... ?  No idea.

Another foreign acquintence, who did me a favour, I specially met today to give him a little present for Christmas, to say thank you. It was an A4 print of one of my Caucasus Map Drawings, made in Spring this year. When opening the envelope, he was very curious and told me, "Ah you are the one doing this drawings, strange, yesterday I had been at a party and saw one of these series in that hosts apartment. Asking from who it was, they couldn't tell exactly, except some German guy living in Tbilisi, called Hans.


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