26 December 2008

What makes my heart warm

when I look in the logfiles of this blog, I see from where are visitors coming, like searching for this and that, and visitors are coming from "common" countries like Belgium, Poland, Austria, Germany, Canada or France, but then my eye stops and sees there a "uncommon" and "rare" visitor from Ecuador ? Who is that ? Who is there in Ecuador interested in the Caucasus (of course there are probably many !) but it happens rarely here. 
I start thinking and suddenly I realize, yeah, it's JÜRGEN, my buddy from Samarkand,Uzbekistan, from Essen ! 

Hey Jürgen, nice to feel your track here in the Caucasian Internet Ravines and my best wishes to you and for a great 2009 over there at the hot pacific beaches at Ecuador ! Thanks for your letter ! Tomorrow we fly to Germany for a late Christmas, I hope to answer soon. Heiner


John Wilpers said...

Hello, Hans,

My name is John Wilpers. I am the Global Blog Coordinator for GlobalPost, a new international news organization set to launch on Jan. 12 (see www.globalpost.com).

My job is to build a list of blogs that will appear on GlobalPost where we will have approximately 65 correspondents in some 46 countries. We are looking for enlightening, informative posts from bloggers writing (in English) in those countries.

I am pleased to extend an invitation to you to have the most recent post of Kaukasus included on the "Russia and the Former Soviet Republics" page of GlobalPost.com as part of our “Global Blogs” service.

After reviewing thousands of blogs worldwide, we have found Kaukasus to be one that is thought provoking and gives readers a true sense of what life is really like in Georgia.

The way it would work if you accept our invitation is that we would use your RSS feed to place your most recent post on your personal page on GlobalPost.com. We would point back to your actual blog for comments and for archives, hopefully driving lots of traffic to your site. Each time you write a new post, it would replace the older one so only one post would appear on GlobalPost.com.

By appearing on Global Post’s exciting new international news website, your words, viewpoints, and pictures would gain worldwide exposure. Your posts would not only appear instantly on globalpost.com but also possibly on the sites of our partners, including the Huffington Post (7.8 million U.S. and 9.7 million global monthly unique visitors) and other news and information websites.

You don’t need to do anything differently. We do request that you consider pointing back to us from your blog (we will send out logos shortly for your consideration).

You should know that we have a few guidelines that we observe here at Global Post:

1) We do not publish racist, sexist, or misogynist comments (unless those comments are the subject of the post).
2) We do not publish obscene language or photos. While we recognize that obscenity can be difficult to define, we know it when we see it and we will let you know if we think you have crossed our line.
3) We do not permit plagiarism. Any work taken from another source must be attributed to that source.
4) We do not publish libelous or slanderous language.
5) We do not tolerate repeated errors of fact or misrepresentations of facts or quotes.
6) We do not publish work inciting violence.

Failure to observe these guidelines would result in the removal of your blog from GlobalPost. We would contact you, of course, to discuss the post in question.

Because we have a broad multicultural audience holding every conceivable political and religious viewpoint, we want to respect their views while also possibly challenging them. We will host controversial work. We will encourage robust debate of the hottest topics. We will not stifle discussion, only abuse of people, belief systems, and laws.

We hope these guidelines are acceptable to you.

I look forward getting your permission to put your RSS feed on our site.


John Wilpers

PS If you choose to accept our invitation and would like a photo and a short biography to appear on GlobalPost, please send both to me with your confirmation e-mail or at some time shortly thereafter.

Global Blog Coordinator
The Pilot House
Lewis Wharf
Boston, MA 02110

Anonymous said...

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Khatia said...

ach Jurgen Jurgen :)

Blogger Tutorial said...

Hope jurgen reads this post :)

Hans said...

I need to write/explain Jürgen, what a feed is... ;-))

MacGaff said...

Great coat!!!! I love sheep hahaha
This blog is great! I hope you get more readers!