26 March 2009

kvevri.org at ProWein Düsseldorf

Interesting details about Steffen Hansen's project about wine made in the traditional Georgian way you will find here: http://kvevri.org

If you like to know more I would be happy to meet you on one of the following dates:

29.3.09 Prowein/Düsseldorf
4.4.09 ViniVeri/Villa Boschi - Isola della Scala
5.4.09 VinItaly/Verona
6.4.09 VinNatur/Monticello di Fara, Sarego

just contact me via e-mail or on one of my phone numers you find below.

Steffen Hansen

GER:+49 177 6666678 SLO:+386 31 666678 GEO:+995 55 666678
mail: slh@gmx.ch - skype: SteffenLuisHansen

Xeloba Kartuli - NGO
Society for Preserving Traditional Craftsmanship

Kostava Ave. 2-22 3200 Rustavi - Tel.: +995 93935130
e-mail: info@kvevri.org - web: www.kvevri.org

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